All meetings will be held...

  • ...on TUESDAYS

  • the St. HELEN’s CHURCH HALL, Frederick Road, Stapleford NG9 8FN

  • ...starting at 7:30pm (doors open from 7pm)

Refreshments are available.

Tuesday 9th November

Food & Drink in Tudor and Stuart Nottinghamshire

Speaker - Mark Dawson 


Tuesday 8 February 

Stanton Ironworks - Gone but not Forgotten

Stephen Flinders 

Tuesday 8 March 

Stapleford in 1881

John Shaw 

Tuesday 12 April


Tuesday 10 May 

The Erewash Canal 

Mick & Carol Golds 

Tuesday 14 June 

What did you do in the war mum?

Mo Cooper

Tuesday 12 July 

The 1930's - The storm clouds gather 

John Whitfield

Tuesday 13th September

Trains, Trams and Trolley-buses in Nottingham

Stephen Wright

Tuesday 11 October 

From Stapleford  - for King and Country

Stapleford's Service Personnel in WW2

John Shaw 

Tuesday 8 November 

The History of Father Christmas 

Dave Mooney 

Tuesday 13 December 

Christmas Do 

The Society also holds Archive Meetings, where the Archive Collection is sorted and catalogued. The days for these meetings are announced at the general meetings.

COVID-19 Update

Unfortunately we have decided that we will have to abandon all the 2020 meetings and we will start again in the new year. Please keep your eye on this website for new starting date, all the speakers we have had to cancel have said they will come next year.


Apologies for all the cancellations, we want to be absolutely sure that we are safe before we start again.

Stapleford In WWII


In the meantime, we are conducting a project about all the Stapleford people who fought in World War Two. We have collected quite a bit of information already and hope to publish some on of it on this site soon.

Please help!

If you have any information at all about these people (relatives or friends) please let us know, we would really appreciate any help you can give us.

Contact us either by email, phone or letter.